Friday, May 11, 2012

Cycle Fun Outside Montreal: Mystic-Frelighsburgh & Joy Hill

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it is time to leave this crazy town and get some fresh air in the Eastern Townships.

We are throwing the Bertrand in the back of the car (the benefits of a station wagon-style car to cyclists are many) and heading off to Mystic for the annual spring Mystiv-Frelighsbugh-Joy Hill ride. Woohoo!

For those keeping track, this is how spring usually unfolds for us:
  • A few rides in the flat smooth Chateauguay Valley (Ormstown) area SE of Montreal
  • A couple of easy hill rides in the MRC Maskinong√© (Yamachiche) NE of Montreal
  • Some hilly rides in Northern Lanaudiere (St-Jean-de-Matha) NE of Montreal
  • A ride in the near-Eastern Townships Mystic-Frelighsburg
  • Hit the mountain bike trails at East Hereford when the trails are dry

So, from that list all that is left to accomplish is the Mystic ride. All of these are great rides. All of these are favorite rides. All of these are great rides to do with friends!

Have fun.

Here are links (with maps) to our previous rides in this area.

2011's Back to Mystic ride (click here) with map.
2011's Mystic ride which included the over-joyous Joy Hill (click here)


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