Friday, May 18, 2012

Cycling safety course - a triumph of sanity, common sense, logic and consistency

A Toronto Star reporter takes the Can-Bike2 safe cycling course. This is a very interesting little bit of reading for anyone who values a long and happy life and also like to urban bike.  (read it here)

Some quotes:
the course is a triumph of sanity, common sense, logic and consistency — all commodities that are just a wee bit lacking on the streets of this city.

Merely consider the cycling practices endemic to this city ...[snip]... and you have to ask yourself a few troubling questions:
A. Whatever happened to the rule of law in this town?
B. What do most cyclists use for brains? and
C. When did the human instinct for self-preservation go so completely out of fashion?

“When you’re in the city, probably the most dangerous thing is car doors opening,” said Dobrucki.
To limit that danger, you should stay a metre away from parked cars, keep a careful watch out, reduce velocity, refrain from weaving between parked cars, and keep your fingers on your brakes.

Those attributes — visibility and predictability — are among the four central goals promoted by Can-Bike 2. The others are manoeuvrability and communication.

(read the article here) Do it.

This course is so needed in Montreal. The penalty given to bicycle riders who are stopped by police for the usual breaking every rule in the book style of Montreal cycling should be to take a course like Can-bike2, in lieu if fines or demerit points.

We believe that there actually are people out there who want to ride safer.  We think safety education is a good investment.  Cycling in the city can be less death defying.  Some minor changes in your personal cycling style may be required, but we know that you can do it.  We have confidence that you want to be a better person. Well, most of you anyway.


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