Friday, May 18, 2012

Journée nationale des sentiers 2012 - Circuits Frontières, East Hereford

Journée nationale des sentiers 2012 - Circuits Frontières, East Hereford. 

You can help make this mountain bike paradise even closer to perfect by giving a helping hand on National trails day on June 2.

The ADSVMQ is the organizer of the trail fixing day at the circuits frontieres mountain bike trails at East Hereford.

You get so much out of mountain biking, one day a season giving back by doing some trail maintenance is a very small price to pay for all the fun that your mountain bike gives to you!

Activity: building a rock trail on certain wet parts of Chainon Manquant trail. These wet spots make Chainon take much longer to dry out than the other trails in the area. We are promised that there are plenty of of big square rocks just beside the trail on the uphill side. (We were here last year and this was in fact the case.)

Date: June 2. 10 am - 3 pm.

Where: East Hereford!

More info & web signup: click here

Tip: go and buy some heavy duty work gloves at the home depot. Steel toe safety boots are a very good idea. 

Trail repair survives the winter

Trail repair we participated in last year still holding up and renaturalizing well.

Here's what it looked like it when the repair was finished:

Trail repair under construction last june, compare to pic above.


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