Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ridiculously scenic Riviere Rouge road ride

Our lifelong mission:  get out of town and ride a scenic ride in the Quebec countryside.

If this is also a dream of yours, we offer one of our all-time favorite rides in the laurentians near the village of St-Jovite. (Tremblant). Don't worry, it is not too hilly, the ride follows the very scenic riviere rouge and is intermediate in both distance and difficulty. 

This tour has llamas and a covered bridge. Actually, two covered bridges.

There is an excellent park near the water in Huberdeau that is a great place to take a break at the 2/3 point in the ride. 

The map for this ride is here on bikely.

75 km isn't too long a ride on a hot day

leave the urban wasteland behind, and enjoy some laurentian scenery

look closely at the passenger in the middle. yes, it's the 1%!

Scenery, scenery, and more scenery

Beach in Brebeuf, hot days need beaches, so bring some beach shorts for a refreshing dip

Pont Prudhomme

A llama wonders why it isn't home in Peru?


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