Thursday, June 21, 2012

Repurposing applied to the bike thing

Here are a few custom modifications to bikes that we have noticed lately.

Elastic band kickstand holder. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best solutions. This is a great example of an office supply product repurposed into as a custom fix for an annoying bike accessory problem.

Extra-wide rear rack with highly artisinal mounting system using a half-broken front mount and the other front mount attached mainly with a tight wrapping of repurposed. electrical wire, but if that sounds unsecure, then be assured that the additional rubber bungee tension keeping the rack held in a frontwardly direction, topped off with a custom rear strut to hold the much larger than usual-for-a-bike rear deck surface. It also appears the seat tube on the bike frame has been in a fire.  What a bike!

This rack/s new deck also extends rearward the typical bike rack size. Note the plaque-shaped board used for the deck surface has been recycled from a previous life. Repurposed, we mean.

The PA brand bike seat-cover is seen all over Mile-End.

4-way stop indicator artisinally repurposed by some unhappy freedom seeking member of our society

Why repurposing this doorway into a bike parking area is not a good idea...

Smash... Crash...

And here's the answer to why this doorway isn't a good place to park the boat anchor bike.

Movie merch repurposed into a Mrs Shrek's wind speed indicator.  We noticed this gem n the ride to work and conclude... good work Shrekkies!

Runner repurposing the barrier between the bike path and the road for a running track.


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