Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunny ride becomes stormy ride!

Our easy ride from Ormstown to Franklin Centre turned into a battle against the wind and rain. Sometimes that is the price we pay with our 4:00 pm ride start. Aside from the wind, it was a pretty decent little 50 km ride.

Bike ride starts. Weather arrives. Doh.

big pine behind Ormstown United church wonders why the Bert is its new friend?

Once upon a time this was a one-room country school house

Smallest covered bridge in Quebec?

War of 1812 monument near Allan's Corners

Clouds arrive but weather is still sweet summertime

Battle of the Chateauguay wasn't much of a battle because the yanks ran away from a fight

Crossing the Chateauguay river, we now ride south to Covey hill over "the rock"

Old legs were still tired from Charlevoix raid!

That is a classic Cockshutt tractor

Cows of Covey Hill

Sun left and much wind has arrived

Montée Covey Hill bridge still barré


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