Thursday, June 07, 2012

think happy thoughts ride

Some readers are complaining that we complain too much.

Well, it's what we do, and if we want to stop complaining then we need to leave the Montreal island and go for a ride in the beautiful, peaceful, and perfect for cycling Quebec countryside.

If the urban stress is making you complain too much, we suggest going for a nice ride in the Quebec countryside. And the ride we suggest you do is one we recently enjoyed, which goes from the Chateauguay river south to Covey hill and rides along the US border (on the canadian side).  If you want the ride to be longer, start in Howick or Ste-Martine and ride the north side of the river to Allan's Corners where the ride heads south across "The Rock."  Here is the blog post about the ride. Here is the ride map on Bikely. Access is easy, cross the Pont mercier bridge and continue on Rt 138 to Ste-Martine, Howick, Allans's Corners or Ormstown. Then enjoy the ride.

We, on the other hand, are heading northeast to the Charlevoix for the Raid de Charlevoix, which is probably a bad idea for an old fart, but you're only middle age once and we don't want our old age filled with regrets for not doing things we were too much of a pathetic wuss to sign up for. This Raid should be fun right up to the point when the the bears catch and eat us. 


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