Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ormstown-Powerscourt-Rockburn Monteregie southwest Québec summer sunset paradise ride

Sometimes a ride is perfect.

This ride is one of these rides.

Perfection requires good roads and good weather, and usually requires daylight, but not always!

The ride starts along the Chateauguay river outside of Ormstown on Rt 138A - the old highway

Weather conditions are perfect

Crossing the river in Dewitville. Compare to the same location later in the ride below

Very primo looking MG TD MkII for sale in Dewitville

This is a legendary automobile, in mint condition

We cross the river again in Huntingdon, which looks different from French Quebec, because it is English Quebec

After Huntingdon we follow the Trout river for a while

Big tree gets smaller in a dramatic way

Quebec's oldest Pont Couvert at Powerscourt on Chateauguay river

The new historical plaque has been stolen for scrap metal, just like the old one was.

Leaving Powerscourt, and the sun's color displays signs of leaving the sky, uh-oh.

The First Concession road rocks, and here's a big pile of rocks to prove it

Tree tunnel on first concession road

Locally-sourced and artisanal stop sign improvements

We pass the Rockburn church at sunset as the remaining daylight says bye-bye

Leaving Rockburn on "Quebec's best cycling road" means pedal hard and you will be rewarded

That is the sun, and it is definitely setting

Modern open cow barn in twilight

New asphalt on Rockburn sideroad means this amazing road is even better and is measured at 99.7% perfection

Chateauguay river at Dewittville after sunset, compare to photo above

The moon provided just enough light to get back to Ormstown.

Back in Ormstown at 8:44 pm. 68 km of excellent bike riding has been achieved.


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