Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saint-Jean-de-Matha Sainte-Emilie-de-l'Energie Sainte-Beatrixe Lanaudiere hill ride

We saw many riders of all sorts today

Riders of ALL sorts

Rang Ste-Catherine towards Ste-Emilie is still very entertaining

View from the top of Rang St-Catherine - there is a superb "scenic lookout" with benches behind the no-quad sign

One of our fav signs

Another of our fav signs!

Chemin de Belle Montagne is very belle

McDo is #1

Twinned barns

Quebec's 500th Tim Hortons just opened, and we look forward to more corporate garbage ruining our beautiful countryside

We love stone foundations

Fields are turning golden coloured

Roadside spirits

Suddenly we were riding INTO the blackest cloud we'd ever seen. Oh-no. Some sort of gut feeling forced the ride-director part of our brain to turn us around and skip the Rang-Guillaume last section of ride. 

St-Jean-de-Matha hilltop church is very visible

legs and bike worked hard today


At 12:53 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Hi--Don't see how I might contact you other than through a comment. Thanks for your blog.

My wife and I are planning a cycling trip from Montreal to North Carolina in the US. We arrive from Vancouver at the Montreal Airport at Dorval on Monday, September 3, at 00:39, 12:39 in the morning. We are riding recumbents, which will be boxed as luggage on the plane.

We think our options are to assemble the bikes at the airport and ride away early in the morning. (Is it legal for us to ride on the major roads around the airport?) Or to find a mini-van taxi to take us south of Montreal so we can begin cycling towards New York State. Or to take some form of public transportation that will lead us south of the city.

Would you have any suggestions as to these options or others we might consider for a midnight arrival; and of routes that would be good to take south? Someone in NY recommended 138 to Malone in NY state. We would actually prefer to be on back roads as soon as possible if there are safe ones.

Many thanks---Mike Rauynolds

At 3:20 PM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

note: this is a blog, not an information service.

I can't comment about airport access, but the closest bridge is Mercier and it is presently closed to bikes.

If I were you I would take a taxi to Chateauguay which is across the river and a good start to traveling to Malone.

here is a map of the region between montreal and US border - avoid rt 138, take the opposite side of the river until Huntingdon. this is indicated on the map I link to.



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