Saturday, September 01, 2012

Plessisville-Inverness - Le Quebec en 30 Boucles circuit #20

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 We did three rides similar to this circuit in 2011. We loved it and called the rides in this region Paradise Rides. We wanted to return, but life happens and we didn't get back now... until tomorrow! (Demain is always a happy place!)

The location of the ride is on the border between Centre-du-Quebec and Chaudiere-Appalache and is prime hill country. We like hill country, because we are lazy and we have previously established that hill rides are optimal for lazy riders. (strange, but true!)

The new VeloMag guidebook "Le Quebec en 30 Boucles" is made up of favorite rides submitted by readers of Velomag magazine. This is an example of crowd-sourcing at its finest (i.e. edited by some actual editors - unlike for example the blog you are presently reading.) and the result is some fine bicycle rides.

This particular ride, number 20 in the guidebook, follows much of the rides we did in 2011, except in opposite direction. Sometimes rides in the opposite direction are not so good, but sometimes they are very good indeed. This one has the potential to be very good, but the rubber needs to hit the road in order to assess this claim. And that's what tomorrow is for: a great ride!

No ride is exactly perfect for every rider. So we modified the circuit in the guidebook to include a side trip to the hilltop village of Vianney - and especially for the ride back down to the valley floor from Vianney down to Saint-Ferdinand. This little side trip has new asphalt, and a downhill direction that means "Woohoo!" is the anticipated emotional outcome.

We have two suggestions for you:
  1. Go and buy this guidebook today
  2. Go and ride one of the 30 rides tomorrow

And then your life will be full of "Woohoo!"

Winter's coming... ride that bike now!


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