Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sutton-Jay Peak cross-border ride

The Jay Peak ride has an international boundary after the Scenic Road hill when you cross the Mississquoi river. But it is a quick stop and a "you're good" and then we were on our way up the Rt 105 climb on the backside of Jay Peak. Then the harder climb up the front side to the ski resort. Then the horrible terrible awful crappy road descent down to Montgomery Center, then the awesome backroad climb between Montgomery and Richford. By then we were too late to make it back to our original border crossing for the ride back via Scenic Road again (little customs closes at 4 pm) so we took the Richford border crosing and took the main road back via Abercorn to Sutton. Conclusion: A great ride despite that awful descent. Maybe next time we do it in reverse?

Ride your bike!


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