Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vélo Québec + mountain biking

Vélo Québec in 2012 added mountain biking to their mission statement.This has great potential for more places to ride off road. 

So how's it going?

Decide for yourself (yes, we recommend this) with a visit to the Vélo Québec mountain bike web page.

For a comprehensive list of Quebec mountain bike trails/destinations you should visit the AllezY trail directory.

Mountain biking is a natural fit with Quebec, which has quite a large supply of rural and wild land. 

If we were thinking big, we'd like to see an off-road Route Verte through the Gaspé from Rimouski to Cap Gaspé.  This trail should not stray too far from the coast, because you will want to go down to a village at the end of the day for your food and shelter needs. This trail could even start in Quebec City (technically, Lévis). We would so do this ride.

Ride that bike!


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