Friday, February 21, 2014

Spring, knocking on the door

Spring is coming. Today we got a taste of non-subzero temperatures. +4 is warm!

I took my mom on a scenic car drive today following the route of my favorite Chateauguay Valley bike ride. The roads were good but occasionally the road had a ripple. On the biggest ripple of the ride my mom exclaimed "That was a bump and a half."

Riding dry roads through snowy fields is highly scenic. The forest without leaves on the trees becomes transparent and new vistas are revealed.

Wear some wool and have good outer layers and you will not be cold. Be prepared to adjust for warmer/colder. If you need some of the "colder" clothing, right now outdoor sports stores are selling winter clothing and underwear (excuse me, base layer) on sale. cross-country ski clothing works great for cold weather cycling.
Roads in the Chateauguay Valley south and west of Ormstown are generally dry early in the season. So maybe I'll go back tomorrow with my bike? More like Sunday because tomorrow I'd like to ski/snowshoe  because winter is ending soon. Nooooo!  More winter please.


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