Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oratoire St-Joseph/St-Joseph's Oratory now bans bikes

Big & hard-to-ignore sign! We don't agree, but we will respect it. 

Bikes are now banned from the amazing and quiet uphill access road to the uppermost-parking lot at the far-west side of the Oratoire St-Joseph Oratory church/tourist/tax-free-haven complex.

Far more dangerous car traffic is not only legal, but encouraged. Typical car-centric "safety" hypocrisy in our opinion.

Needless to say they probably encountered some problems with yahoo idiot cyclists and boarders and like all good bureaucracies, officials decided that banning bikes is the easiest and therefore best solution.

We suggest that a better solution would be to post signs with low speed limits and indicating respect for the priority of pedestrians.

Alternatively, bikes could be banned at busy times and permitted at other quieter times (after 6 pm on weeknights isn't usually a busy time). But, as we said above, the purpose of a functional bureaucracy isn't logic nor caring nor intelligence when finding solutions to minor problems. 

Also, in our opinion, vehicles without brakes to control speed on the very steep downhill (such as skateboards) probably don't belong here.


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