Tuesday, August 26, 2014

St-Bernard-de-Lacolle to Franklin Centre Quebec = 2014's new ride

Last Sunday’s bike ride rode near the US border straight west then straight back east along the foothills of Covey Hill. This started as a ride from a new guidebook for good rides near Montreal (which I did 4 times), then I combined its best parts with my Ste-Martine to Covey Hill ride and myAalong the border ride. It adds up to a lot of top quality riding, which is the objective.

I say top quality, but why?
  • Route finding completed done to find best and most ideal route
  • Good roads (note: excellent roads)
  • Quiet roads (generally very quiet roads)
  • minimum amount of bad or busy roads (<10 li="">
  • Scenic roads (very scenic, not boring all the same all the time all flat)
  • Away from modern civilization, (no "every town the same" corporate BS)
  • Generally skips all towns and villages, but they are close by if needed (ice cream, water, etc)
  • Not too far from home (facilitates a noon departure)
  • Food available on route
  • Easy driving & parking logistics
  • Ride is not too easy
  • Ride is not too hard (aligned to energy and fitness levels)
  • 2nd half of ride trends downhill
  • 2nd half of ride is with the wind (usually)
  • Cheap gas
  • Heritage sights
  • Variable distance for a longer or shorter ride/shortcuts
  • free apples
  • Car parking at park beside bike path
  • Car parking: good security
  • Car parking: dep for pre/post ride food beverage needs (sort of)
  • Car parking: benches/tables
  • Car parking: right at start of good riding (as opposed to a few miles before the good stuff)
  • Scenic highlights: glaciation traces, distance views, nice farms, stone walls, forests & fields
  • Last 10 km nice riding (this ride is on bike path 1st/last ten km) and not busy traffic situation
  • Good sunset light situation
  • Good map of ride
  • Hill situation: several short or micro hills, only one longer hill
  • Ride distance at 110 km, long enough to be well-fatigued, but not so long or hard it's near-death experience
So these are some of the things that make a ride a good ride, and a good ride elevate to a great ride. For 2014, this was my exploration to find another favorite ride: and the result is mission accomplished.


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