Friday, September 01, 2006

Bike Lights and darkness

On our main city bikes we have lights front and rear to make us visible in the dark. WIth summer ending the sun sets earlier and earlier and when riding in the dark, it pays ti be safe and this means VISIBLE. This, in turn, means lights and reflectors.

I just got front and rear lights at MEC. I got the large 2 AA battery $7.00 co-op brand rear light, and the Planet Bike "dual SPot front light for 18$.

I also like to use an reflective pant-cuff strap, even when wearing tights. I even attach a few of these ot my black backpack. Visible is almost free and a huge safety improvement, since with no lights or reflectors/reflective clothing you are basically invisible to traffic (car driver hears a thud, passenger says "what was that?" Drive answers, "I dunno. I didn't se anything." The passenger says "Neither did I.")

MEC also sells front and rear in a package for $17, you really can't go wrong, there are only benefits here folks!!! Night riding means adding lights. For the record, night riding is amazing fun! Well, as long it's not in November rain. Anyway, that's a long way from now.

Time to go install them!


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