Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stop signs at intersection in the Plateau bike paths.

Cycle Fun Montreal believes that all on-street intersections of bike path and street should be 4-way stops. The signs could instruct cyclists that is one after the other when it comes to stop signs. The first person at the stop sign goes first.

Most cyclists treat stop signs like green lights. But I am steadfast in my belief that some education will work for the majority of cyclists. Show respect for cyclists, and cyclists will show respect for trafc laws. (OK, this doesn't sound like the Montreal I know, but it is worth a try, since people, somewhere deep inside, want to do the right thing.)

So I propose that where the bike path crosses the street in the plateau, that these intersections are 4-way stops. That, additionally, info is posted on stop, then go after the other person goes. And finally, that the police ticket violaters.

Otherwise we have the massive disregard for traffic rules of the cycling population that seems to be normal. It is not normal, it's dangerous, and it's got to stop.

Accidents really suck. Have fun safely people.


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