Saturday, June 02, 2007

Defi Cyclist Charlevoix

June 3 is the Defi Cyclist Charlevoix, a race and cyclotour that I really want to ride. I won't be able to attend the event this weekend, but I'll be riding the circuit later this summer.

This event is organized by the club Cyclist Charlevoix (link). There is english info about this event and the route here.

The Charlevoix is east of Quebec city, and is an area is intense natural beauty.

I invite all cyclists to come and visit Quebec this summer for a Quebec cycling vacation, it's a fabulous place, with many unique tourist regions, with thousands of miles of bicycle paths and designated cycling routes, tons of scenery, a unique and friendly culture, and so close it borders 4 US states. You will be asking yourself why you haven't visited here before.

By the way, Quebec is HUGE! There's lots of variety to fill up a week or two of cycling and touristing.


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