Sunday, December 02, 2007

A walk across Montreal

Destination A: Unversité de Montreal's Exhibition gallery in the Faculté d'amenagement (loose translation: faculty of design), on the south side of Mont Royal, and Destination B: our wonderful "super library" La Grande Bibliotheque, on the south-east side of the mountain. In between, we walk! (We could bike, but one of us wasn't a cold-weather cyclist)

Université de Montreal - Ernest Cormier's big thing

We visited the Université de Montréal's Centre d'exposition to see the
Projet d’une ville – Territoires stratégiques Les réalisations, les projets et les réflexions du Groupe Cardinal Hardy

It was very interesting to see the works of a group that has redeveloped parts of Montreal like the Lachine canal, downtown, the Vieux Port, and has made plans for other not-yet-realized projects like the Outremont rail yards' U de M health-sciences campus.

When looking at these architectural plans, I noticed these two future bicycle path plans. (See photos below)

Future Bike paths in Montreal? Cote-St-Catherine road, Jean Talon west, & the train tracks to Laval!

The exhibition was very interesting. Now I know where many of our post-modern landmarks came from. Also very interesting was the bookshop near the gallery entrance that sold all sorts of model-building materials.

The next step on our journey was walking (walking? Sorry but it's the season of "close to home") across the mountain to the Grande Bibliotheque downtown. A big walk across the mountain. It's far, and it was fun!

Although we did winter walking, there were still people riding their bikes.

A hardy winter cyclist, there were many more!

Then we walked through Parc Mont Royal to the downtown lookout. This is where the Chalet Mont Royal is. And it's the location of the stairs from downtown (Peel)

The Mont Royal downtown lookout. Possibly Montreal's best spot.

We got some hot chocolate in the Chalet. On a cold day, it's de rigeur!

The Mont Royal lookout Chalet, home of the coco-chaud!

Eventually we arrived at the library, a truly fantastic place.

Bike parking at rear of the Grande Bibliotheque (helmet lockers inside!)

Then it was back home on the 80 for supper!


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