Monday, May 26, 2008

petit Ste-Martine to Howick ride

Covey Hill's climb at far left. Lyon Mountain on right side.

Last day of vacation... the sun and blue skies arrive!

This excellent rails-to-trail bike path suddenly stops. Can someone please build the rest please?

We're just rolling along through the peaceful countryside

Sometimes an hour is available. Sometimes you just stop the car in between two places and go for a ride. Sometimes this turns out wonderfully.

That's the backstory for sunday's little ride between St-Martine and Howick Quebec.

We parked at the arena in Ste-Martine, and rode west along their excellent flat bike path. (for those who know of our affection for hills, let's mention that some days are hill days, and some days are flatland days.)

When this path ended we took the twisty road to the Howick road (at the abandoned rail bridge), then turned left a couple of times to come back via farm roads to Ste-Martine.

It's a nice 20 km one-hour ride through nice land.

The view when on the bike path is of Covey Hill and Lyon mountain in the distance. Excellent.

This ride could be easily expanded by adding some distance to the south or west. A safety note: remember that some of the older sections of the "numbered highways" do not have paved shoulders. I'm talking here most about the Rt 201, 202, and 138. Stick to the backroads!

From Ste-Martine you can also take a rockdust bike path to Beauharnois, which is the start of the Beauharnois canal bike path and valleyfield. Ste-Martine is the entry point to the chateauguay valley. Try to visit it this summer. It's a great place to ride, particularly starting from Ormstown.


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