Monday, June 16, 2008

Pont Mercier Bridge renovations - bike sidewalks too?

The long-awaited renovation plan to the Pont Mercier Bridge are to be announced today. We want to know if the unprotected and narrow sidewalks will be replaced with something more like the sidewalks that appeared on the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge after it's complete renovation.

We are waiting, hoping, and while we are at it, we want a bike path connecting the south side of the Mercier bridge to the towns of Chateauguay and St-Catherine. By connecting at St-catherine cyclists will be able to ride a beautiful loop around the st-Laurence river using the Pont Mercier as the link back to the island.

Today, we get answers to these questions.


Cyclists and pedestrians get a new bike/sidewalk to safely cross this bridge.

Here's the quote:

Une nouvelle piste cyclable de 2,5 m de largeur du côté amont (ouest) du pont remplacera le trottoir et la bordure existants.
This is excellent!

The bad news is the project won't be finished until 2011!


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