Monday, March 30, 2009

L'Assomption explorations

Our new map of L'Assomption

One of our 2009 goals for our cycling explorations is to get to know the area northeast from Montreal. One area is the MRC of L'Assomption.

We picked up a bike route map at the Expovelo and the map, when we opened it up, gave us some very warm and happy feelings inside. so this ride is added to the destination agenda.

It can be hard to pick a new area to ride and also choose a good cycling route for these initial explorations. We love maps and guidebooks, they give us a way to get introduced to the region, and also (we hope) have rides on good roads!

This area is right next door to Montreal island, and we thought we should know a lot more about it than we do now. Stay tuned.


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