Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cote Ste-Catherine bike path - Clean up the leaves already!

For the past month leaves have been accumulating on the Cote-Ste-Catherine bike path. The street outside the bike path gets the leaves cleaned every week, but the bike path is ignored, and has many large piles of slippery and dangerous leaves.

Often one entire side of the bike path is unrideable. Can you say "Aieee!"?

Once again we note that the ville de Montreal's public works department hates bicyclists and bike paths. Hey, we exist: please clean up the leaves!

Autumn's leaves, so pretty, and so slippery and dangerous!

Death zone at the Avenue Stuart intersection

The giant head of Joseph Beaubien, check it out along the S-St-C path. Beaubien worked hard at building Montreal.


Walk-signal buttons that don't work

While we are at it, there are many Walk-Signal buttons that do NOT work on this bike path.

At avenue Laurier and McEachran there are walk-signal buttons that do not work. Not bad for infrastructure less than one year old!

It is bad enough that the remoed the walk-signal as part of the automatic light cycle, so that the walk-signal must be manually activiated, but as least have functioning buttons. (we sometimes wonder if these non-functioning buttons are a cruel practical joke by autophilic city engineers)


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