Sunday, April 11, 2010

An excellent new Chateauguay Valley bike ride - Ste-Martine to Ste-Antoine-Abbé

Lots of perfect asphalt...

... and quiet country roads

Don't be fooled, these are two separate farm machines

Signage/Map on Ste-Martine's bike path, which is part of the Parc Régional de Beauharnois Salaberry network of bike paths.

We rode south of Ste-Martine to Ste-Chrysostome and St-Antoine-Abbé, The Rock, and Riverfield.
This ride explores terrain to the east of our usual Chateauguay valley ride, and this ride turned out to be a really excellent experience. Quiet roads, scenic scenery, and good asphalt and we were on the bikes one hour after leaving home in Mtl.

We were looking for quiet scenic country roads, and this ride delivered just what we wanted.

But nothing is ever totally perfect. The winds today were severe, 40 km/h with gusts at 50 km/h. This ride was a zig-zag out against the wind and with an excellent return-section with the amazing wind on our backs. It was the kind of day when riding Montreal-Quebec City becomes a good idea.

We rate this ride a 9/10, we were really impressed.

Click the map title to go to the map in (semi-reliable) Bikely

The '88 Bertrand needs a handlebar tape job, but still rides like a dream

Another great Chateauguay Valley ride is the Spring Suroit Ride of a couple of weeks ago.


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