Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First road ride of 2012

Flooded roads? Not today.

Ice going over the dam in Athelstan.

The famous giant trees of Rt 138A.

And check out that glorious blue sky.

Ice breaking up on Chateauguay river.

Destination: Quebec's oldest covered bridge, 1861's Pont Percy in Powerscourt

A spring road bike ride in Quebec can be a very unhappy experience. Wet roads. Bumpy frost-heaved and potholed roads. Roads covered an assortment of winter sh1t from sand and rocks to broken glass and dead animal parts. And don't forget that every puddle conceals a bottomless wheel-eating pothole.

So, where are we going to go?

To our favorite spring riding area, the Chateauguay valley.

We rode along the Chateauguay River from Ormstown through Huntingdon (yes, that Huntingdon) to Powerscourt and Quebec's oldest covered bridge.

Was the ride as good, dry, smooth, and flat (it's early season and we don't need hills yet) as we hoped?



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