Friday, September 01, 2006

Sept 17 public bike ride in Lotbiniere region

The region southwest of Quebec city, Lotbiniere, is holding a big public bike tour this Sept 17. There are 4 posible circuits, from a short rid to a 100 km fast ride for les amateurs.
  • 1- Escapade familiale (20 km) - 12 km/h
  • 2- Les d√©couvreurs (47 km) - 22 km/h
  • 3- Parcours des vallons (67 km) - 25 km/h
  • 4- Lotbini√®re express (94 km) - 30 km/h
Click here for event website and the route map, it's a great reference if you plan to attend or if you just want info to plan your own visit at a later date.

Click here for some info on this region, from the "Most beautiful villages in Quebec" website.

See you there!


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