Friday, September 08, 2006

sunset bike rides

The sun sets at 7:20 pm.

With summer winding down and autumn around the corner, it is a great time to ride after work because the sunset is still at a reasonable time. You get time to ride before it is dark. But don't finish your ride too early, because you want to be outside when the sun goes down. (be sure to be carrying some reflectors pant loops or (preferably) bike lights to use to get home safely after sunset, the MEC has a $3.00 frog light, anyone can afford $3.)

If you have chosen your location well, you get a spectacular sunset extravaganza.

It's especially fine above Beaver Lake (on the grass between the lake and Olmstead road), or the Mount Royal Chalet's lookout over the downtown skyscrapers.

Enjoy it now, 'cuz winter will be here soon enough.

Get outside and ride!


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