Monday, October 16, 2006

Velo Villeneuve - Not


Velo Villeneuve does not exist any longer in the form that we write about. The comments below are quite old.

After the experiences below, we switched to xxx Cycles, and over several years their mechanics proved to us that a big name means nothing, and completely shoddy work was the norm coming out of there. (tiny wires in tires causing flats multiple times after shop visits, brakes left completely open (to insert wheel/tire into frame and brakes never tightened), bike returned with new brake cable housing cables but stem slammed to bottom so it could not be adjusted to correct height, $60 dollar cable "kit" for 1 metre of cable housing, not tightened rear wheels slipping out when pedalling causing major accidents, too-long chains, wheel alignments lasting one ride, installed tires blowing off rims in the car on the way home from the shop, parts replaced but without the old parts to prove the old parts needed replacement, and on and on and on.

Finally after multiple accidents caused by xxx Cycle's mechanics shoddy work, I switched to a different shop. I had enough. 

No matter what shop you go yo, make sure you ask the guy giving your bike back to you if a safety inspection has been done on your bike, and then MAKE HIM DO ONE! because the xxx Cycle mechanics have proven to me to be incapable to return the bike to customers in a safe ride-able condition.  


Velo villeneuve is a small hole-in-the-wall bike shop where I have had some bike work done.

Last time they really disappointed me. Really, really disapointed me. I'm never again going back there!

Plus they gave some unsolicited, and really bad advice on how to properly ride a bike.

Here's a good website that shows how to ride a bike properly. It also explains how to brake a bicycle and explains why using the front and back brake together is important: Click here.


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Jean-Michel Laprise said...

Like most shops, it depends who does the work on your bike. I had my best tune-up in twelve years done there by the owner.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Cycle Fun Montreal said...

A bike shop should not lie and say that they can change a 27 inch rim when they can't.

A bike shop should not lose your old wheel with freewheel and tire when they can't change it and force you to buy a new one.

A bike shop should not replace the new thumb-shifter they sold you with a part from the junk box when it breaks a month later, and when that junk part slips and causes the rider to have shifting problems and go over the bars and break bones, then that shop is in deep shit.

And finally, any bike shop that tells you "we always tell rides to use the rear brake only." then that bike shop is 100% incompetent and should be 100% avoided.
Point finale.

At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the overall unreliability and sketchiness of the new staff at Velo Villeneuve. They told me they CHANGED my breaks and charged me for it. A week later when I noticed my breaks were still not working, I went back and the guy said there was no way they changed my breaks- saying I was bullshitting. THankfully I had the receipt.

ALSO- I really suspect they pay sketchy characters for STOLEN bike frames. I saw some shady (totally unsubstantiated, on my part) transactions taking place when I was there...

At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Nivoc said...

As of april 2009 the shop is under totally new management and whatever previous unreliability on behalf of older staff doesn't apply. Jean-Michel (manager), Jef and Anne-Francoise (mechanics) will be glad to assist you there and answer all your questions. Once again please excuse the previous staff. On a different note, whenever a bike is purchased from a 3rd party, the staff always takes the name and ID of reseller in the event that the sold bike has been stolen. If for whatever reason you are dissatified with the shop, please contact the manager (jean-Michel) and he will look into it.

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous marianne said...

Well, it's late 2009 and this once decent shop is worse than ever. It's very sad to see it go down the classic bike shop spiral:

1: work gets shoddier
2: inconsistency about price and service
3: turning into jerks
4: go back to step 1

It's like cancer, this sort of thing with bike shops. But they always seem to stay open. I don't get it.

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous jean-michel said...

Hello Marianne,

I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Velo Villeneuve. I am the manager there and I always try to offer the best service possible. If you feel that we have done shoddy work and have been jerks I would like to apologize and I will gladly make up for it. Please contact me at the shop 514 282-8356, my name is Jean-Michel, and I will assist you with your bike repairs.

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been pretty happy with the service at Villeneuve. I've had bad experiences at Lacrodee of all places. I went by recently and asked about Jean-Michel. I was told he wasn't working there anymore...

It's too bad cause it's a good shop and I've enjoyed their service.

The only thing I'd change is the fact that they charge 300$ for frames and then another 300$ for the rest. 600$ plus tax? That's way too expensive! A fully refurbished vintage bike should cost no more than 350-400$ tops.

If you don't agree, then swing by Jean-Paul's Garage at the corner of Cote-Sainte-Catherine and Robert. He'll fix you up a pristine vintage bike for about 350$.

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this Jean-Paul's Garage? I tried to find it with no luck. I'm looking to have a bike built, and i already got a price from vélo villeneuve of $800.
Id like to check out this other garage before I give them a deposit.

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well the shop is now owned by a really cool bunch, their prices are very competitive and they will take the time to explain in lay men terms bike jargon. The shop has changed name with its new owner.
I strongly recommend for repairs, buying a fixie or a high end Marinoni road bike.

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

New management is total shit. I'm a bike mechanic at a local shop and I hear stories after stories of the total shit work they do and the cons they try to pull on people. You can easily pay $150 - $200 for a tune up. Their main scam is telling you that your chain needs replacing and because of that you have to change the crankset and the cassette on the rear wheel or depending on the mood, you have to change the rear wheel too. This is regardless of whether your chain actually does need to be replaced or not.

Anyhow, total bullsh*t and avoid it at all costs. Only reason why they're still in business is their location.


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