Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Riding again?

I'm riding again after the deep freeze with weekend errands and biking to work, today in -15 temperatures. It was the first commute after snow season started, plus it was a bit colder. Only one bad section of road, the met service rd could have had the sides of the road salted.

Riding home was easy with a tailwind and sunset. I told a driver her tire was flat, because it was. It really was!

Riding indoors on computrainer keeps certain biking-specific parts of the brain and body stimulated.

Johnny Hodges on the music box tonight.

Walked over to Beaver Lake friday night, another new and turns out to be a great walk.

Up the Mountain, through the cemetery, across the road, through forest, arrive at Beaver Lake, and finally at the newly restored Beaver Lake Pavillion and even newer refrigerated outdoor skating rink. It is supposed to be open 100 days per year.



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