Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bike Paths open 12 months...

Montreal bike paths are opening tomorrow, and today's Saturday La Press has an article about keeping bike paths open for use a full 12 months a year.

Yes, this means all through winter.

La Presse coverage of urban cycling is generally excellent. Last year they had many good articles to promote urban cycling as a transportation alternative. Montrealers have the choice of walking, bicycle, Transit (bus/Metro), and the car. All are useful methods of getting around, and I use them all, in the same order as I write them. The bicycle is the preferable method for medium distance and maximum flexibility.

Here is the La Presse article on the pressure to open Montreal area bike paths year-round. Click here. OK, the article isn't on their website (yet) but it should be there soon. Until then, here's a link to their Cyberpresse search engine, search for the word cyclables or vélos and get out and ride!


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