Friday, March 30, 2007

Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge open

The excellent Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge bike path/sidewalk from Montreal to the south shore is now open (since thursday). Initially it is the outbound traffic side that is open, but the inbound direction side will open early next week.

Now, can they please widen the sidewalk for the last 600 metres on the south shoer when the bridge touches ground and before it reaches the street. They didn't widen this section of the sidewalk when they re-did the bridge a few years ago.

Some signage and maps when cyclists arrive on the south shore would also be welcome.

On the bright side, they did widen 5 km of bridge sidewalk/bike path when they redid the bridge. It's really great, but we need to put pressure onthe powers-that-be to please finish the job.

Here's the press release announcing the re-opening of the bridge sidewalk.

Here's some action video of the Pont Jacques Cartier bike sidewalk.


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