Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ile d'Orleans

Sunday I took a ride around Ile d'Orleans, the big island just east of Quebec City.

65 kilometers long, it's a nice 3-4 hour ride to do when getting back after sunset isn't an option.

It was only around 20 km from Quebec City so I could have ridden there from Quebec.

It was early season and very quiet. There were dozens and dozens of waterfalls on the south side of the island.

Cyclists have the option of pay parking at the visitor information centre at the first intersection when you arrive on to the island. You can also drive a bit and park at a church.

There are paved shoulders the entire route around the island. YES!

I rode the circuit clockwise, so I was heading east on the north side of the island. Along here I found the views of the mountains including Ste-Anne to be really great. At the eastern tip of the island I arrived at the moment I had been waiting for. The change in weather bringing in the big storm coming up the east coast. I had also been doing this section with the headwind, since I wanted a tailwind for the entire south side of the island. I was glad to be at this point, but the weather was iffy.

I was done this ride in just under three hours. The rain waited until I was back in my car driving back to Quebec. Then it really rained. (Sunday night it came as snow - 6 wet inches)

All in all a decent ride in early season conditions. I have plans to ride east of Quebec this year. Both sides of the river will be explored. I am really looking forward to it.


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