Saturday, April 28, 2007

Montreal Bike Paths Improvements announced in 2005

Where are they today?

Still nonexistent!

The Montreal Gazette today reports (link) that the plans to expand the urban bike path network in 2005 are still not completed. (Did you notice the ipod-wearing cyclist in the photo?)
But in the decade or so since the greater cycling world first discovered our city, local cycling advocates agree Montreal has fallen behind other large Canadian and American cities on the cycling front.
The article provided a teaser: a big announcement about bike paths on Monday. A big re-announcement of 205 news, more likely. Well, to be generous, better late than never.

Let's go ville de Montreal--let's get this bike path NETWORK completed.

Let's finally get the long-promised downtown east-west axis built.

Let's complete the pine-park interchange bike path.

Let's put in lots more bike parking.

Let's make cycling safer so more people leave their cars at home.

Much of this only required lines to be painted on the roads. How hard can this be?

Go Montreal - we can do it!


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