Sunday, April 01, 2007

Overview Cycling Paths in Monteregie

The Monteregie is the area of Quebec surrounding Montreal on the south shore of the St-Laurence river, from Sorel in the northeast, south along the border of the Eastern Townships, all the way south to the US border, then east through the chatrauguay valley to where the st-laurence river enters quebec, and then north along the Ontario Border up to Rigaud.

That's a big chunk of southern Quebec.

Here is the official Montregie bike map.

This is the link to the Circuit de Paysan themed visitor map, useful for cycling, and this is their 4 cycling self-guided tours.

A good "leaving Montreal Island ride is to work out the route from Pont Jacques Cartier to Chambly, along the Route Verte. The key is finding the spiral bike-only overpass (<-video). try is the Route Verte link between the Pont Jacques Cartier bridge and Chambly, which is the route map I show in the picture.

You will notice that the chateauguay valley is notibly absent-there's no bike trails there, just quiet country roads. The quiet country roads is what makes the Chateauguay valley perfect for bikes and cyclists. The valley's quiet country roads are more interesting than the official bike paths. The sterotype official bike path is a converted railroad line, and this means that it is flat and straight, and not in the scenic part of the country, they avoid the scenic sections because trains like straight lines. So don't let the lack of bike trails keep you from the chateauguay valley, it's a quiet area with maximum beauty and great cycling roads.

See my other posts for specific Chateauguay valley rides.


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