Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf bike path - Now Free!

The Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf bike path is now going to be free, as in user fee or any charge. Here is the Velo Quebec route description (link).

You can now ride here here without worrying about government-approved private taxation.
Bonne nouvelle pour les cyclistes de Québec: l’accès à la piste Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf sera gratuit à compter de cet été et ses 68 km font désormais partie du réseau de la Route verte. (Link to news story)
Previously to ride on this path you had to be prepared to pay to play.

Paying to use a popular public bike is bad for the public health system because it creates a disincentive to exercising. We want to encourage people to exercise, and what a better way than to go for a bioke ride. There should not be any financial obstacles to using a public bike facilty like a bike path.

This rail-to-trail bike path is located northwest-of-quebec city, and is connected to the Quebec City bike path network by the Corridor des Cheminots.

It is flat, 68 km long and is 100% rock dust. There is a cool old train bridge in the middle.

I was there in 2005 and I rode it west as far as this bridge across the Ste-Anne(?) river.

Then it rained vigorously.

That was actually my first trip to road bike riding on the north side of the St-Laurence between Quebec City and Montreal. I've done a lot more since then, probably a dozen different rides. I especially liked riding in hilly Lanaudiere in the eastern Llaurentians (link).


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