Monday, May 21, 2007

Crossing the Saint Laurence river - On Bike!

So you've discovered the Lachine Canal. And you've discovered the Les Berges path along the St-Laurence through Lasalle and Verdun.

Now it's time to cross the St-Laurence river... on bike!

You won't need a life jacket, there are 4 bridges with bicycle access for cycling trips from Montreal Island to the south shore.

These bridges are (written bilingually)

Pont Mercier bridge (not recommended) - from Lasalle to Kanawake/Chateauguay

Estacade ice bridge - from Ile des Soeurs (Nun's Island) to Seaway bike path, leading to Excluse St-Lambert locks at east end of Seaway bike path, and to Ecluses St-Catherine (and park) at west end of seaway bike path. Access to Nun's Island is either a) from Atwater on Lachine Canal or b) the east end of Les Berges bike path. The landmark here is the Canadian Tire store in Verdun.

Pont de la Concorde bridge from end of Lachine Canal to Parc Drapeau, Ile Notre Dame, & Excluse St-Lambert locks/Seaway bike path

Pont Jacques Cartier bridge from eastern downtown Montreal/Plateau Mont Royal to Longueuil.

I have written several articles on linking two of these bridges for a loop ride off and back on to the Island. Here are links for these articles:

Google search of my recent articles (link) on (mostly) crossong bridges

But google doesn't want to search last summers posts, so here are links to some blog posts of last summer on this topic

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a typically great 50 km local ride (link) <- Describes a cross-bridge loop ride

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