Monday, April 03, 2006

Heading south - We're going to the south shore

Sunday I changed three tires on other bikes but am still riding Rusty. Weather was sweet without either warm or cold. Headed straight for Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge (PJC) which has major sidewalk along it for two kilometers over the Saint Laurence river. This hooks up with bike paths on the sough shore and heading to USA and eastern Townships. Actually, you can go anywhere east of Montreal, in otherwords 1/2 of Quebec is at your doorstep, a bike path away.

When you cross the PJC two things happen, first you are enclosed in a cage-like anti-suicide fence. People frequently jumped. I saw one once, a while after, and it is nothing but complete sadness.

Next thing is that you arrive at Ile Saint Helene, an island in the Saint Laurence, and the site of Montreal's Expo 67. THis is discussed another time.

Anyway, went over to the excluses Saint Lambert where the bike path agains crosses the river and goes into Parc Drapeau at Ile Notre Dame, the other island.

This bridge was locked. Much to the surprise of the dozens of cyclists who rolled up to the gates, each one to lean that on APril 15 come on back, ontil then, go F' yourself!

I went back via PJC, which is a glorious route INTO town, with great views of Downtown and the mountain.

I went over to Peel and up it because, well, a hill a day keeps the gravity elves away.

Soon, I was home again, as soon as it gets a bit dryer and cleaner, I'll head for Chambly, a 90 minute ride from Montreal.


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