Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Coldest ride of the year - June 6???

Today was my coldest ride of the year.

I mean I froze!

I was getting used to t-shirt, shell, and shorts, but it felt cool at breakfast so I put on my usual q-d pants that I use for bike riding. The pants were smart, but I forgot to put on a sweatshirt, a tuque, full finger gloves and a neckie.

It was +6 with 26 km west wind and my route rides into this wind.


Fersure I was dressed just-adequately for after-the-warmup, and in 20 minutes I was actually no longer freezing to death, but a minute after that I was at work.


Long time readers know that I am happy riding down to -10C, the difference is that I dress for -10, the problem today was that I kinda forgot to dress properly.


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