Friday, June 08, 2007

Pont Jacques Cartier directions

Here is my Pont Jacques Cartier bridge access map.

Here are the details.

On the north side of the Pont Jacques Cartier Bridge (Montreal Side)

You have two choices at the north end of the bridge on the Montreal side. First, you can follow the existing bike path to Rene Levesque and the Berri bike path. Second, you can head north to the Plateau, Mount Royal (the mountain or the cool street), even all the way across the island and then north to the Laurentians -- you can do this entirely on on bike path for over 250 kilometres!

Destinations to the south and East include the fact that you are right now in the gay village, then you reach in one more block the Rene Levesque bike path which goes east or popularly west to downtown and to Berri Bike Path south to Vieux Montreal/Old Montreal, Vieux Port/old Port, and piste cyclable canal Lachine canal bike path. To go here you can follow the official bike path signage. This is the official link from the end of bridge to (one of) the bike path network(s).

DestinationNorth: (to the plateau and points northward) . From the end of the bridge sidewalk: follow the "natural flow of the sidewalk that goes beside beside the road (don't turn left ever!) tp Papineau street, which you will cross westward to reach Lafontaine street, in one block to Champlain street. Turn right, north, onto Champlain Street. This takes you to Parc Lafontaine, and continuing stright, to the Rachel Bike Path.

On the south side of the bridge

To go to Chambly and Anything south or east inthe south shore burbs. Turn left, and take sidewalk under the underpass, and follow the immediate road (a major artery street) immediately on the other side of underpass, go one block only, and tun right (south) on Lasalle street. This takes you to Lasalle Street bike path south to Chambly.

To to to riverside bike paths along St Laurence seaway and river, and bridges back to Montreal (Ecluses St-Lambert Locks to Park Drapeau/Pont de la concorde, or Estacade to Nuns Island).

From endof bridge sidewalk: turn right, then in 100 metres take left on to Tifffin. Here is Official bike path, Turn right (north towards river) and at Cegep, cross big road to Cegep and turn left to join linear bike path which connects to Bridges and riverside bike path.

WOuld you like to see improved signage on the Pong Jacques Cartier Bridge bike access? Visit my "PJC improvements Needed" report (link).


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