Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday afternoon ride around Ile Perrot island

Sunday was easy recovery day, so I went exploring with a ride around Ile Perrot.

The ride was sourced in a spring edition of L'Espace magazine and also in the booklet of local area rides called "Coupe de pedale autour de Montreal."

Highlights include the old church, the pointe a moulin, seeing the almost dry rapids where the Ottawa river originally emptied into the St-Laurence - now it is diverted north of the island and is used for electricity generation.

One good thing on this ride is that there is one little park after another, so there are lots of places to stop to relax and take a break.

The Blue Dots are the Ile Perrot ride
The Red Dots are the amazing bike path Canal Soulanges from Pointe aux Cascades to Les Coteaux near Valleyfield.


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