Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lac Sacacomie

My fastest downhill since 1992's 94.3 km/h

I began this blog last year, and announced to the world that I was exploring Lanaudiere. I got feedback saying try Lac Sacacomie.

OK, so I parked at St-Gabriel de Brandon and rode via st-Didace and St-Alexis-des-Monts to Lac Sacacomie. It was a bit epic. There was a bee sting, a nap in the forest, algue-bleu, and the fastest road-bike descent of the past ten years!

The fun part was from St-Alexis des Monts to Lac Sacacomine, and back again. Especially, and specifically the last section of road that is the turnoff to Hotel (auberge?) Lac Sacacomie. Actually the whole rest of the ride is forgotten, but this segment... it is burned into my memory forever!

I have created a bikely map of the road, mainly to get an idea of the climbing involved. There are a couple of good hills.

St-Alexis-des-Monts to Lac Sacacomie 14 km, 500 metres climbing!
(note chart shows only the "out" half of this out-and-back ride, total is 28 km with 800m climbing)

This destination offers you a choice of other starting points. Here is bikely map of another route starting in/near Louiseville. In fact when I was at the Hotel the doorman asked me if I started in Louiseville. It's on my to-do list!

Here is a link to my ride report for this epic 2006 ride (click here).

I was looking forward to the descent to recover some energy, so I coasted all the way down.

On the top section I let it out, and went under control through the middle-section's turns, and then down the final bit and I was down at the river level again.

My smile was big enough to dam the river!

I checked out my max speed on the speedometer gizmo and it said 79.4 and this was an all-coasting descent.

I was still in a state of jubilant glee, so with no one telling me that this was a really bad idea, I went right back up the hill again to do another descent, this time I would pedal the top section.

Good idea right?

Well..... Yes and no. (read the full story)


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