Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New bike path linkup Rachel-Parc Avenue

My exceptional girlfriend has reported that there is a new bike path on Parc Avenue.

Does this connect Rachel bike path west-end's terminus at Parc Avenue with something? We've been waiting a year for some sort of promised connection with downtown. And will the Clark street bike path connect officially with Rachel for the last few hundred metres?

I leave to investigate as soon as the supper dishes are washed!

This two-direction modern-safety-standard, separate-from-cars bike path goes from Hutchinson at Avenue des Pins (i.e. mcgill ghetto), across the pine-parc interchange, er, intersection, north on Avenue du Parc to Rachel axis, and connects to Rachel via a revamped and rebuilt and well-marked 3-lane bike path (2 lanes bikes, one lane pedestrians).

This is a big improvement, and another link in the still-incomplete downtown bike path network. Incomplete as in no link to the Esplanade-Villeneuve bike path, and no connection on hutchinson in McGill ghetto to Prince-Arthur/Milton street paths. I hope we don't have to wait years for these links to be built.

Yellow: new Avenue de Parc bike path and improved Rachel path connector
Green: existing bike paths
Red: Missing links to connect Parc avenue path to existing paths


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, another bike path! How far north and south does it reach? p


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