Friday, December 14, 2007

10190 feet of climbing

I like hills, uphills and especially that one-of-a-kind reward called downhills.

I was checking out Bikely for hilly climbs and came across this interesting Frelighsburg-Jay Peak-Stowe ride with 10190 feet of climbing--almost two vertical miles. For us metric north-of-the-border types that's 3106 metres of uphill, over three kilometres of climbing.

Here's the link to the ride, and remember to check the ride's elevation profile. This nightmare is going to inspire me to train all winter! The main problem isn't the hills, the the distance: 216 km long.


I was in Frelighsburg last summer and it was Cyclist-Central --meaning I saw an huge number of cyclists there. For cyclists, Frelighsburg is Quebec's doorstep to Vermont, need I say more?


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