Sunday, March 30, 2008

Early season explorations

Montreal du Futur: The new Place des Arts - the Jazz Fest blues stage/park is now a parking lot - this is Not A Good Plan at all!!!

Griffintown in 1900, 8000 residents! Heavy industry!

Griffin town today - can you find these homes in the retro pic above?

A common Griffintown sight - ugly light industry

An hour later we were enjoying views of the north shore of Montreal island

We went to see the "Futur du Montreal" (i.e. Montreal 2025 exhibition at Places des Arts, then a ride all along the new de Maisonneuve downtown bike path (it's great!). Then we went down to see what the heck is Griffintown (a wasteland with a location to make real estate developers drool!), and then up the mountain with a long climb up and over cotes des Neiges, and through TMR (no-dep-land) and St-Laurent to Gouin Blvd and the river at the top of the Island. The route back was the express boul St-Laurent.

Here's some pics:


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