Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lanaudiere - St-Come

St-Come is in the middle of nowhere (that's a good thing)
Northern Lanaudiere is a favorite place for road bike rides

Located at the end of the road, St-Come in northern Lanaudiere (think: eastern Laurentians) is a town I passed through twice on bike. About all I knew was that it was always at the far end of the ride.

I also noticed the surrounding scenery was very nice.

In related news, Quebec's never-ending winter continues, and continues, and continues some more.

Technically, it's now spring. Yahoo! But anyone with eyeballs can see that winter is taking it's sweet time with the melting-away thing.

So with another winter weekend preventing cycling enjoyment, we have to find a cycling substitute and we decide to head out again for a snowshoe adventure.

Destination: St-Come, and the objective is exploration.

Snowshoeing is one of the very best ways to explore.

Here's the map of St-Come's 30km of snowshoe trails.

St-Come snowshoe (raquette) trails


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