Monday, March 10, 2008

Winter bikes take 2

Here's some more random winter bikes.

Some are daily rides, some are in hibernation.

Can you tell the difference?

Cruising north on Parc avenue

Pics were taken in Saturday's big storm.

Pic above was before the storm, pics below are... The storm has begun.

Seeking shelter at the bibnat

Yes it is my weekly endurance walk to the Grande Bibliotheque, Montreal's new super library.

Carrying 15 kg of books there and back is a very good workout. Plus they also have books and dvds, three of each can be taken out. There is a big bike section, and there is a huge cookbook section. Lots of great science and technology and arts and basically it's the best thing to happen to Montreal culture since the Jazz Fest was invented.

Waiting to cross the street and start riding.

This guy is doing the sensible thing. Instead of ignoring all rules and riding through red lights and blocking cars and being a definite road hazard 'n'stuff, this guy is stopping at an intersection and letting other traffic pass before he goes. He is not causing a road danger or blocking the road, he is being a responsible rider.

We call this civisme in Quebec. And we could use a lot more of it.


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