Tuesday, April 29, 2008

25th DefiSportif - cycling competitions for the adapted athlete

It is a fact that we able-bodied people don't know how lucky we are.

Not everyone has a fully functioning body.

But the limitless capability of the human spirit shows that there is no limit to the possibilities to the pursuit of human performance (or just good old athletic fun), even for people who are physically challenged, for example having no use of their legs.

To see what we mean, go to one of the events at the 25th Defisportif this weekend in Montreal.

You will see people with (what we would ignorantly call) major physical challenges, but these people overcome these challenges and are racing at levels of the dedicated competitive/professional athlete. And probably faster than we could do it!

As we said, and we believe and we have seen with our own eyes, there is no limit to what the human spirit can accomplish, either mentally or physically.

Anyone who thinks that people with mobility limitations can't do things that regular people can do, well, are just plain wrong. The human animal is a marvel of adaptation, and we can adapt to just about anything.

Cycling, and cycling related activities will be held at the Circuit gilles villeneuve and Centre claude robillard.

Please visit www.defisportif.com for more information.


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