Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bike path news

Bike Paths are breaking out all over.

Even Japan has opened its first-ever bike path.

Here's a link to Google News for current news on bike paths. You're on the internet to read stuff, so here's stuff to read!

Tokyo opens 1st exclusive bike path

The nation's first exclusive bicycle path came into service in Koto Ward, Tokyo, on Monday in response to the increasing number of accidents involving bicycles and pedestrians.

The National Police Agency and the Construction and Transport Ministry will set up bicycle-only lanes separated from roads and sidewalks in 98 designated areas around stations and schools where there are many cyclists over the coming two years.

The 400-meter-long bicycle lane along the Keiyo Expressway near JR Kameido Station was created by taking a two-meter-wide strip from a three-lane carriageway.

The bicycle lane is separated from the road by guard rails.

At 11 a.m., uniformed police officers in raincoats started pedaling along the lane followed by other cyclists.


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