Thursday, April 03, 2008

Montreal burroughs to link up bike paths

Don't you hate it when you are riding along a nice bike path, then it suddenly stops at the district's border. It might start again in a few blocks, but it will require exploration, and traveling mano-a-mano with the car traffic until you reach the next path.

Well, the city is promising to connect these bike paths and make sure that links are clear, well marked, and easy to follow (and I hope, safe!).

Here's two connections Cycle Fun Montreal would like to see:

1) Pont Jacques Cartier bridge linked to the Rachel or Cherrier (i.e. axis east-west or north-south) bike paths, probably along Champlain street. This is a big missing link! Note to Longueuil on the south side of the river/bridge: some signs and bike lane identification are needed to connect the bridge to the route verte to St-Hubert, and the bike path along the St-Laurence.

2) bike path between Berri bike path at Cherrier through Carré/Square St-Louis and Prince Arthur to the bike path on Prince Arthur starting at St-Laurent. This permits anyone east of St-Laurent to connect the major bike paths network to the north, south, and east. At the present time, this missing link is a source of revenue for the police who enforce the no-bikes on prince Arthur pedestrian section, even though it is right between two bike paths at either end of it. This is a great example of complete bureaucratic idiocy. On the other hand, it's not really a surprise!


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking for info on the city's plan to link the paths together but I couldn't find anything. Where did you hear about this?


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