Tuesday, April 08, 2008

warm temps, dry roads, closed bike paths!

So, the city delayed opening bike paths for two weeks so "they could clean, them, put up signage, and paint fresh lines to identify the bike paths."

Funny how we haven't sen any of this yet!!!

It seems more like it's let the warm weather melt the snow and at the last minute we'll do something about making the bike paths safe (mostly) for bike traffic.

The city really dropped the ball on the spring opening of the bike paths.

They should have said that the no-parking on bike paths was now active, so that they could progressively cleaned and opened bike paths throughout the city.

Many paths are useable now, except that they are used for car parking. On some blocks, the cars leave the bike path open, other blocks the cars are parked on the path. This creates a dangerous and hazard-rich environment for anyone wanting to use their bicycle as primary transportation mode.


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